Dog Vaccinations in Atlanta & North Georgia: $55

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Distemper – This virus is so widespread that nearly every dog will be exposed to it at some point in its life. Dogs contracting distemper may suffer coughing, vomiting, diarrhea, and other symptoms followed by death.

Hepatitis – This virus attacks a dog’s liver. Hepatitis spreads through an infected dog’s urine and can cause symptoms ranging from a mild infection to death.

Parvovirus – Contracted through contact with an infected dog’s feces, parvovirus is highly contagious and life threatening, particularly in puppies. Parvovirus is an intestinal infection resulting in diarrhea, fever, vomiting and severe depression.

Parainfluenza – Similar to human strains of influenza, this virus can cause an upper respiratory infection resulting in a persistent, dry, hacking cough. Parainfluenza can last several weeks and is highly contagious but it can be prevented if you take advantage of Dog Vaccinations Atlanta services today.

Rabies – A fatal infection of the nervous system, rabies attacks all warm blooded animals, including humans. Rabies is a public health hazard and it can be transmitted from dogs to humans. There is no cure for rabies but it can be prevented by getting Atlanta pet vaccines. Vaccination is your dog’s only protection from rabies and is required by law.

Bordetella (TBV) – A bordetella vaccine is often required for any location where dogs interact. Bordetella protects against Canine Kennel Cough, a highly contagious upper respiratory infection that may last for several weeks.

Annual Fecal Analysis – This test screens your pet for intestinal parasites. In large numbers, these parasites can cause intestinal blockages, bloody diarrhea, and even premature death. Microscopic examinations of your pet’s stool should be performed yearly for early protection and treatment. Some intestinal parasites and worms can be transferred to humans.

Heartworm Test – This test screens your dog for heartworm disease, a life-threatening condition that exists wherever mosquitoes are present. Adult dogs must be tested prior to beginning preventative medication. Use of preventatives in an infected dog can result in death. Annual testing is recommended even with year-round use of medication. Preventative medication like Atlanta pet vaccines is a must.

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